Our Process

After doing the COVID-19 test screening form:

You will be contacted and scheduled for a telemedicine talk on your computer or mobile device with Dr. Lee. If the sheer volume of interest exceeds our limited capacity, our priority will be by the order your request was received. We will also be forthright if we simply cannot meet the timeliness of your needs due to the limitations of our capacity.

During your virtual telemedicine appointment, Dr. Lee will review and confirm your eligibility for testing in the comfort and safety of your own home. Orders for blood testing for antibodies indicating prior infection to COVID-19 will be sent to Quest Diagnostics laboratories.  Simply schedule your appointment (preferably in the afternoon to keep mornings open for fasting patients) directly with Quest Diagnostics at one of their convenient locations for your blood draw.  You must have no symptoms for at least the last 10 days and wear a face mask when you arrive for your serology test.

Dr. Lee’s staff will email your results to you directly upon receipt from the lab and will personally contact anyone with a positive result for follow-up. We will do our best to expedite your results back to you as soon as possible, but cannot promise how quickly depending upon demand. Our commitment is simply that we will all do our very best for you.


Keep in mind that a negative result today does not mean you cannot convert to a positive test tomorrow as your body makes more antibodies (for blood tests). Regardless, we remain committed to you to continue to serve you as best we can, with the limited resources available to us.

Your lab results will be forwarded to you via email for negative results and you may email us at DrLee@NeedaCovid19Test.com if there is a processing delay.  If you have a positive result, Dr. Lee will personally call you to advise you.